What was I born to do?

A comprehensive, one-on-one version of the What Were You Born to Do? workshop, this 90-day structured program will guide you through self-discovery and research, resulting in::

bulletGreater awareness of your natural strengths and how to rely on them to build a satisfying career 
bulletIdentification of your challenge areas and ways to minimize emphasis on those competencies; Identification of actions and resources to support development of your challenge areas
bulletDiscovering the 3 keys to your successful career
bulletIdentification of specific career paths that build from your strengths and interests, rather than your challenge areas
bulletCreation of a total life design (work/life balance) that supports, rather than conflicts with your values

The Program Includes:

bulletThree 45-minute sessions per month (for 90 days)
bulletUnlimited email in between sessions
bulletBetween session brief phone chats to ensure progress is being made
bulletExercises and activities to further your progress
bulletMBTI Assessment (A $200 value) and a comprehensive 10-15 page career report
bulletLife/Values Assessment (A $125 value)
bulletFREE access to online resources (assessments and tutorials on resume writing, interviewing, career decision making)
bulletFREE copy of my book The Right Move, a hands-on, inside-out guide to getting your career back on track (A $29.95 value)

Clients have said:

"I had been pushing myself to be something I wasn't.  I didn't realize that there was value in my strengths.  What a relief to let go of that pressure."

"It's all starting to make sense now.  I kept bouncing from job to job looking for something that felt comfortable, I just didn't know what that was.  Now, I'm starting to understand what I need to have in my job and my work environment."

"This is an amazing tool!  I feel so energized again.  I have so many strengths I didn't realize I had."


Total Package including assessments: A $1,750 value for $1,175

Email susan@advancecareerdevelopment.com to get started.

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