About Myers-Briggs Type Inventory

The Meyers Briggs Type Inventory has been around since the 50s and continues to prove both reliable and valid in determining preferences as related to career decision-making based on four scales:

bulletIntroversion vs. Extraversion
bulletIntuition vs. Sensing
bulletFeeling vs. Thinking
bulletPerceiving vs. Judging

The key to understanding these scales, is to recognize that all of us are hardwired to fall on one side or the other (kind of like a left handed/right handed preference).  Because you may be stronger in one doesn't mean that you can't/don't ever demonstrate the other.  In fact many of us have learned to function in a manner that is not aligned with our natural strengths.  The key thing to know here is that this kind of stretch, working from a place that isn't our natural strength, often leads to burnout, job dissatisfaction and a lack of motivation for career planning.  Information regarding the dimensions are included below:

Introverts tend to focus on the inner world of ideas and impressions, and tend to enjoy working alone versus in groups.  The Extravert, on the other hand, focuses on the outer world of people and things, processing information verbally and preferring to work collaboratively in groups to get things done. 

How you fall on this scale has significant implications for the type of role and work environment that will enable you to work from your particular strengths as either an extravert or introvert.

The individual with Intuition prefers to focus on the future, with a view towards patterns and possibilities while the Senser prefers to focus on the present and on concrete information gained through their senses.

Oftentimes we see this dimension play out in the form of "big-picture" thinkers versus detail-oriented analyzers.  The type of work you do and whether it requires detail orientation or big picture capability, directly applies to this dimension.

Feelers prefer to base their decisions on values and subjective data regarding people issues while Thinkers make decisions based on logic and objective analysis of cause and effect.

Feelers are therefore, more likely to work with people in a helping or service capacity, Thinkers with numbers and objects.

Perceivers like flexibility and spontaneity while Judgers like planned, organized approaches.

How work gets done and how much variety there is in your job role directly relates to this dimension.



Explore your type and learn the implications for your career.  This powerful tool can help you understand why you've done well in certain jobs and/or why you haven't in others, and can help you plan career moves that will support you in using your strengths. 

My assessment/reporting package includes the following:

bulletMBTI Assessment sent to you for completion
bulletData is reviewed and a comprehensive report sent to you via email/mail with specific information highlighting the following:
bulletYour four letter type
bulletChallenge areas
bulletSummary of your type
bulletImplications for the type of work you are best suited for
bulletSpecific job titles aligning with your strengths--reflecting those careers where people with your type have been most successful and happy
bulletLeast suitable job titles
bulletA 1-hour coaching session to review your report and explore the implications for you and your career
bulletPackage:  $200

To begin the process, please send an email to susan@advancecareerdevelopment.com and let me know you're interested in getting started. 

Clients have said:

"I was surprised to see myself so clearly reflected in the description.  It validated what I suspected were my unique strengths and helped me understand that I don't have to be perfect at everything."

"I had been pushing myself to be something I wasn't.  I didn't realize that there was value in my strengths.  What a relief to let go of that pressure."

"It's all starting to make sense now.  I kept bouncing from job to job looking for something that felt comfortable, I just didn't know what that was.  Now, I'm starting to understand what I need to have in my job and my work environment."

"This is an amazing tool!  I feel so energized again.  I have so many strengths I didn't realize I had."


Email susan@advancecareerdevelopment.com to get started on your exploration.

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