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résumé Guidance/FAQs

bullet What is the purpose of a résumé?
bullet What makes a résumé effective?
bullet Can I benefit from a professionally written résumé?
bullet How does the résumé writing process work?
bullet I'm not getting responses to my résumé--how can you help?
bullet Why hire a professional résumé writer?
bullet Can I afford a professional résumé writing service?
bullet Do you offer guarantees?

What is the purpose of a résumé?

A resume should be strategically designed to earn you interviews.

What makes a résumé effective?

A well designed résumé is easy to read and highlights your strengths, competencies and relevant experience. Is should be employer-focused and answer the questions: What does this individual offer our organization?, and, What has this individual achieved?

Can I benefit from a professionally written résumé?

Does your résumé:

  • Yield quick responses?

  • Perfectly position you for the specific career opportunity you want?

  • At just a quick glance, provide the reader with a relevant overview of your best strengths and most significant accomplishments?

Or, is it, like a majority of résumés, quickly and repeatedly ending up in the circular file, or worse, lost somewhere in the black hole of online résumé submissions because it:

  • Is hard to read, or isn’t attractive

  • Doesn’t clearly shout “Hey, this is what I have to offer”

  • Or, generic--one version sent in response to multiple job ads or postings--and therefore, getting buried somewhere in the pile of résumés of other job-hunters who’ve also seen the same ad

If it is, don't worry, we can help.

How does the resume writing process work?

You decide to participate in a telephone interview or to fill out a questionnaire--this is designed to help me gather the most critical information that will ensure you stand out and are considered for the specific opportunity(ies) you seek. I forward a draft for your review and feedback. A final resume, strategically formatted and written, is then delivered to you along with a scannable version for online and email submissions.

I'm not getting responses to my resume. How can you help?

I am a certified resume writer and may work with other certified resume writers to ensure expertise in your field/industry is utilized. Many resumes make the same, predictable mistake--they read like job descriptions, rather than marketing tools, and are one-size-fit-all. As such, they lose critical opportunities to really market the individual based on his/her strengths and what they offer. I've lost count on the number of times I've discovered amazing information about someone's achievements and they were nowhere to be found on the resume!

Why hire a certified professional resume writer?

One: Certified professional resume writers study the craft, stay on top of new industry techniques, and network with recruiters and hiring managers to find out what they want to see in a resume.

Two: most people have difficulty presenting their achievements--they feel like they're bragging. Most people, therefore, fail to recognize the importance of looking at the resume as a marketing tool. I am not shy about shining a spotlight on your achievements. While I certainly will not exaggerate, as I am asked to do from time to time, I will make sure your outstanding achievements, value and impact are clearly illustrated.

Three: I enjoy what I do--I want to make sure each person finds a way to build their confidence and incorporate their strengths into a future role. Many people find the process of writing a resume and searching for a job to be a chore. I can help you shift your perspective and see it as an opportunity to proactively design your future.

Can I afford a professional resume writing service?

Can you afford not to? If your resume isn't prompting calls for interviews, or getting attention for the kinds of jobs you really want, then you shouldn't waste any more time. Let a professional resume writer and coach help you strategize--identify the type of role you really want to assume and then design the tools to support getting just that.

Do you offer guarantees?

Absolutely. I guarantee you will love your resume, or I will rewrite it at no charge to you. I will partner with you. I listen very carefully for your stories, your achievements, your unique value and most importantly, your dreams about your next move. Then, I design a tool that will help you communicate those, while positioning you for success.

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