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Résumé Writing/Editing Services

How can you make sure your résumé stands out from the crowd in this competitive job market?

Along with increased competition, comes an increased need to design job search tools that will immediately grab recruiters' attention and consistently pique the interest of hiring managers.  A professional résumé is one that is:

  • Expertly formatted to draw attention to the most important achievements, experience and credentials at a simple glance

  • Meticulously written, using handpicked industry terms, keywords and power verbs to perfectly describe your level of expertise

  • Concise, based on select achievements that will serve to represent you as the ideal match for the opportunity(ies) you aim to pursue

Flexible résumé writing/editing packages and arrangements meet your needs and help you get in the door. 

We can work together! It doesn't matter where you live - I've worked with clients across the U.S. and in Europe. Our work together is done via telephone (a preliminary  interview) and email (draft review and supporting materials).

All résumé packages include:

  • A completed résumé which:
    • Highlights relevant key accomplishments
    • Showcases your strengths and key competencies
    • Demonstrates "fit"
    • Minimizes "weak" areas (e.g. employment gaps, short employment dates, career shifts)
    • Features a clean presentation and easy-to-read format

  • A final draft for your review with a follow-up phone call as necessary

  • A scannable version of your résumé for confident online and email submission

  • A guarantee you will love your new resume: 2 weeks to make edits

  • Fees vary based on the following:

    • Is there a current version of the resume? Quality?
    • Are there particular challenges (e.g. gaps in employment, short tenures, frequent job/career changes, uncertain direction) to compensate for in design?
    • Number of hours estimated for completion? (phone calls, design and writing)
    • How many years of work experience?
      • New Graduate: Under 5 years: $200 +
      • Professional: Between 5-10 years: $300 +
      • Experienced Professional: 10 - 20 years: $400 +
      • Executive: 20+ years: $500 +

Additional Options Include: