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Resume Writing

"I just wanted to call and tell you just how successful your resume helped me to be. After working for only one company for so many years, I was unsure if other companies would be interested in me. Everyone who saw the resume you wrote was so impressed that I didn't have to do too much selling. Not only that, but I got three job offers - all wonderful opportunities. The best part is this. I was able to jump from a five figure salary to a $200,000+ salary. I couldn't have done it without your resume. Every single person who saw it was just so impressed with my background. Your resume opened doors I'm just not sure would have opened without it. You're very good at what you do. Thank you so much. I am referring all of my friends to you. You're the best."
--Brian M., Real Estate Executive, NY

"I finished reviewing the resume. It looks great! I initially had no intentions of paying for resume writing services, but the FAQ on what makes a resume effective made me realize it would be money well spent. You were easy to talk to and asked all the right questions to focus my resume on my target jobs . Thank you! Now that I have this great new resume, I'd like to maximize it's exposure."
--Michael T., Senior Project / Technology Manager 

"Susan, thank you for your good work. I really appreciate that when we spoke on the phone, the service you described – an interview to elicit from me my best selling points – was exactly what I had been seeking. Also, your quick analysis of how the resume I needed for applying to grad school was different than one applying for a job was helpful. I also appreciate your willingness to go to a website to learn more about the grad school. Thanks again for working with me on this; I had a good time!"
--Karin L. Non-Profit Professional, International

"I love my new résumé.  I appreciate your time and how easy it was to do!  All I had to do is talk, and you were able to put it into perspective and create a masterpiece.  Thank you!"
--Joann G., Creative Paint Effects, NY

"IT'S WONDERFUL...I think it is a stand out version and someone could pull it from a batch of résumés based on format alone...In fact, after months of getting no responses, I faxed the new version on Friday and got a call on Saturday!  I'm so glad I pulled off the road to call you back. Thank you!"
--Fred H., Sr. Operations Manager, NY

"My new resume is incredible!  Your questions helped me to recognize and communicate my accomplishments... and to believe that I really have some great skills to offer.  I could not have done this without your support and guidance."
--Susan C., Program Director, NY


Career Coaching

"Susan receives my relatively rare highest recommendation.  In excellent coaching style, Susan is particularly adept at helping me bring my strengths forward. She is highly organized, articulate, convincing and appropriately upbeat.  With regard to organizational development, she is mission-oriented and focused on this client's values."
--Elizabeth O., Independent Communications Consultant, Wisconsin

"I was immediately energized by Susan's natural ability to inspire and provide insight...Since the completion of our coaching relationship, I have begun working in a position that offers me the opportunity to thrive...I am also working in an environment that best fits my personality and matches my values."
--Allison W., HR/OD, JetBlue, NY

In spite of the down trending economy and softening of new hires, I was able to quickly use my contacts, skills and inner strengths to get a job in 1 week.  I could not have achieved this without your guidance, advise and coaching"
--Michelle H., Fashion Exec., NY

"Someone once told me to "Never stop becoming."  At the time it sounded incredibly "hokey," but I now know what she meant."
--Vanessa S., Consultant, The Visiting Nurse Service, NY

“You are good for me!  I was somewhat stymied by a technical glitch I could not resolve.  After our conversation yesterday I was motivated to re-approach the problem and SOLVED it!  My site is up and I now have the nearly infinite potential for how many sites I can ultimately put up.  I am so excited!  I know what I am doing this design design.  U rock!”
--John A., Designer/Artist, NY

"You are a kind and giving person and obviously very passionate about your work.  Seeing what you have accomplished and how you approach life is an inspiration"
--Allison W., NY

“Susan is one of those rare people whose passion and spirit truly inspires those around her.  With her help, I have found great fulfillment in getting to know myself better.  I am very confident in her ability to help me find my inner strength and make my dreams a reality."