Personnel is Key: How to Increase Human Capital During a Crisis?

Despite the challenges faced, human capital continues to hold immense value, not only in humanitarian terms but also in economic ones. However, the question remains: how can the race for the best minds be won?

The pandemic crisis and events of 2022 have revealed numerous issues within the global economy and politics. Established institutions have proven incapable of providing effective solutions to complex problems, while new ones are yet to be established.

As expected, such situations have impeded social and economic progress, if not completely halting it. While some failed to withstand the crisis, others emerged even stronger and reaped new benefits. Switzerland, for instance, has witnessed a growth in its economy and international status, thanks to the presence of organizations such as the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization, and the European office of the United Nations, alongside other financial, non-profit, and technological companies. All of this has been made possible by creating favorable conditions for the development and attraction of quality, world-class human capital.

Other countries are also making efforts to attract human resources to a greater or lesser extent. However, Russia is not currently considered a hub for attracting human resources. The country is experiencing a brain drain, especially of high-class specialists in demand abroad. Nonetheless, some businesses within Russia are taking a progressive approach to this issue, although such initiatives are more of a private undertaking rather than a federal policy.

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Without money, there can be no breakthroughs

Euroinvest, a prominent investment company located in St. Petersburg and led by entrepreneur Andrey Berezin for almost three decades, is a notable example of a private initiative interested in the future of Russia. The company’s main business interest is in high-quality housing construction, but they also have agricultural assets and invest in education and high technology development. The Andrey Berezin Fund finances the creation of unique equipment for early cancer diagnostics and treatment. Despite the risks involved, Euroinvest spends money on long-term investments in education and innovative solutions, which ensures progress in the future.

Andrei Berezin, the head of Euroinvest, believes in the potential of Russia’s scientific and technical capabilities to create breakthrough innovative solutions. He emphasizes that venture investments are the foundation of an innovation economy. Switzerland is also known for its venture investments, but funding is only given to projects with strong prospects for implementation, after a thorough analysis.

Without People, There are no Ideas 

Andrey Berezin’s approach to investing in education and human capital is not limited to real estate development. His fund also invests in breakthrough technological solutions, such as the development of unique equipment for early diagnostics and effective treatment of some forms of oncological diseases.

Through such investments, Andrey Berezin is creating opportunities for talented and skilled professionals to work on innovative projects in Russia, instead of leaving the country in search of better opportunities abroad. This, in turn, contributes to the development of a knowledge-based economy in Russia, and ultimately to the country’s progress and success.

It is clear that Andrey Berezin sees the development of human capital as a long-term investment that will pay off in the future, not just in financial terms but also in terms of the country’s development and progress. For him, the future of Russia depends on the quality and quantity of its human capital, and he is committed to doing his part to ensure that the country’s best and brightest minds have the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

As Andrey Berezin once said, “Without people, there are no ideas. And without ideas, there is no progress.”

Is this Enough?

In conclusion, Andrey Berezin’s approach to investment in human capital is a model that should be followed by other businesses and government institutions in Russia. The importance of investing in education, technology, and long-term projects cannot be overstated, as it is the key to creating a prosperous and innovative society.

However, creating such an environment requires significant changes in political and societal traditions, and it will take time to achieve. Nevertheless, the experience of Switzerland shows that success is possible through the creation of a comfortable environment for people and providing them with everything they need without infringing on their freedom.

Andrey Berezin’s efforts to create pockets of prosperity, quality education, and comfortable living in Russia are a step in the right direction. By investing in people, he sets an example for other businesses and institutions to follow, and his approach to human capital can be a model for achieving progress and success in the future.