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Career Resources

Following are additional resources previous clients have found to be of great help to them in effectively manage their careers and develop professionally. 

If you are familiar with another great resource you'd like to share, please email us and let us know--we'd appreciate hearing about it.

  • Comprehensive Career Workbook: The Right Move: A hands-on, inside out approach to getting your career back on track, Learn more...


Newsday/Careerbuilder: Adjust approach as job clock ticks; As bills pile up, unemployed often look for quick cash

Wall Street Journal, CareerJournal: The Job-Hunter's Guide to Selling Yourself Effectively Quick Grab Some Band-Aids!:Fixing the Top 10 Resume Boo-Boos

Modern Sage Magazine article (.pdf): I-Ching and the Art of Practice Building

Resource Tools

  • Two web-based courses on Interviewing for $9.95:

    1. Comprehensive 10-lesson online printable eCourse: Interview with Confidence and Get Hired,

    2. Ace the Behavioral Interview

    Courses address:

    • The four types of interview questions
    • The three questions interviewers want you to answer
    • How to distinguish yourself and put your best foot forward
    • How to get and negotiate the offer you want


    • Practical advice
    • Valuable tips
    • Lesson-specific practice activities/exercises
    • Common myths--debunked
    • A list of commonly asked interview questions


Assessment Guide: What do you really want to do?  Uncover your natural talents and interests, $3.95


Assessment Guide: What industry or field do you want to work in?  Define a fit for your competencies and interests, $3.95

FREE: About Keywords

FREE: About Power Verbs

FREE: About Resume Formats

FREE: Resume Samples

FREE: Career Research Aids

Other Book Recommendations:

Unlock the secrets of personality type--learn how you process information, make decisions, and interact with the world around you--and discover the career that's right for you...Do What You Are...

Practical steps for discovering how you CAN love what you do for a living...Doing Work You Love : Discovering Your...

I can't praise this book enough!  If you're looking for an injection of motivation, inspiration, and humorous encouragement, this book is for you!!  It's a quick, enjoyable read but chock full of lessons to return to over and over again as you set out to achieve your biggest goals...Success@Life...

The sequel to Success@Life, this one's chock full of yet more inspiring, kick-you-in-the-seat-of-your-pants truths and artifacts of pure wisdom...Dragon Spirit...