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Career Coaching

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
What have you been fantasizing about? Moving to the next level? Making a career change? Owning your own business? Making a living from your art? Get back in touch with your deepest career aspirations and then ask yourself, "What's stopping me...?"

Explore yourself through the use of assessments and other facilitative techniques and gain a greater awareness of your natural talents, strengths and interests. We can ensure you discover the information that will enable you to explore professional opportunities that suit your unique characteristics and result in a fulfilling career.

Coaching Services:

Work with a career coach 2x or 3x per month to:

  • Identify/clarify career goals
  • Plan your career moves
  • Successfully manage your job search
  • Learn how to use networking for faster results
  • Prepare yourself to earn a quicker promotion
  • Effectively position yourself for a shift in career/industry
  • Establish a strong foundation for a new business

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Top 5 reasons
to work with us

You'll get:
  1. Support from an experienced professional--Extensive career in Professional Development, for organizations large and small--from a consulting powerhouse to a start-up technology company
  2. Flexibility and more for your money--I offer 45-minute sessions and work with you to create an arrangement that suits your pocketbook
  3. Help from credentialed professionals--Earned selective recognition as a Credentialed Career Master.  Also Certification as a Professional Résumé Writer
  4. A "friendly but firm approach," as coined by a previous client
  5. Results!  Every session we'll track your progress and make sure you meet your goals

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