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Interview Preparation

Interviewing is something of an art form. Fortunately, it's one that can be learned or improved rather quickly.  Prepare for the four types of interview questions, how to handle the tough questions, and how to redirect inappropriate interview questions. It doesn't matter if you have 5 or 25 years experience, I guarantee you'll learn something new in this program!

  • Confidently provide specific examples of the competencies they'll be looking for

  • Articulately provide a compelling overview of your expertise and strengths

  • Expertly address weak areas in your background without minimizing your chances

  • Quickly establish rapport

Interview Training & Role Play Program ($250)

Submit your resume and a sample targeted job posting and receive:

  • A list of frequently asked interview questions
  • A booklet explaining the four types of interview questions
  • Two 1-hour mock interviews via telephone with immediate feedback and guidance (to be scheduled within a 30 day period)

  • Optional:  (If you are located in the Long Island/NYC area, inquire about in-person mock interviews with the added benefit of having them recorded and reviewed for a small fee)

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Top 5 reasons
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You'll get:
  1. Support from an experienced professional--Extensive career in Professional Development, for organizations large and small--from a consulting powerhouse to a start-up technology company
  2. Flexibility and more for your money--I offer 45-minute sessions and work with you to create an arrangement that suits your pocketbook
  3. Help from credentialed professionals--Earned selective recognition as a Credentialed Career Master.  Also Certification as a Professional Résumé Writer
  4. A "friendly but firm approach," as coined by a previous client
  5. Results!  Every session we'll track your progress and make sure you meet your goals

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